I have got a C++ application on a Windows 2003 system that does a lot of
file IO and also requires to allocate large chunks of memory. After I
installed Novell Client 4.91sp2 the application stops functioning (cannot
allocate an array of ints of size 180MB).

The problem appears only when Novell Client is installed (I double-checked
that the problem disappears if I uninstall Novell Client), but I do not use
the client in any way that I know of. It is just needed for another
application on the same box that needs to access remote file systems.

The application itself typically uses around 1.1GB at most and there is
plenty of memory available according to TaskManager. Moreover, the file IO
in this application is to a local file system only.

I do not understand in detail why after the install of Novell Client the OS
functions I'm using behave so differently, but I suspect that Novell
intercepts the file IO. So, I tried to disable the file caching in the
Novell client -- without success. The application runs into the error after
only 6 seconds, when it has read a couple of config files, and wrote only a
small piece of log file.

Does anybody know what might cause my allocation problem? And, if my
suspicion is right, is there a way to configure the client not to intercept
local file IO?

- Jochen Doerre