I've seen numerous postings about this issue, but haven't found a
solution as of yet. When any of my wireless DELL laptops boot up (with
the wireless card set to the "enabled" state), it takes about 2 minutes
for the Novell client screen to appear. With the wireless card
disabled, it takes only 10 seconds to get from the XP splash screen to
the Novell client screen.

This is an issue with Dell TrueMobile wireless adapters with the latest
drivers, and Intel Pro wireless adapters with the latest drivers. That
compromises 100% of my wireless adapters.

All laptops are using Novell client version IP is the
only protocol binded on the workstations. There is no Zenworks in this

Here are the things I have tried so far:

1) disabled the "Bad Server Name Cache"
2) set "Bad Address Cache Timeout" to 0
3) switched from using the built-in Windows wireless service to the
DELL Wireless utility (and disabled the Wireless Zero Configuration
4) done a Swahili rain dance in my cubicle

The Novell login prompt still takes 2 full minutes to come up unless:
a) I disable the wireless card before shutting down the system
b) uninstall the Novell client

This is not an issue on my wired clients...only laptops with wireless
cards that are enabled. Thanks for any advice.