Reading through the instructions for Client32 .491SP2 Patch "C", and
came across the following:

"The files in this package can also be overlaid on top of a Novell
Client 4.91 SP2 installation set so that when SETUPNW.EXE is run to
install the Novell client you will be installing the core 4.91 SP2
client and the updates contained in this package in one operation. Note
that the NMAS files (CRLCM.DLL and NMASNCP.DLL) in this package will
/not/ be copied in this scenario, and will need to be installed separately."

I have two questions about this:

1.) So, if I use the Client Update Agent and point it to a source on our
server, how do I overlay Patch "C" on the server so that these two NMAS
files (CRLCM.DLL and NMASNCP.DLL) are distributed as part of the client

2.) What do I need to do to create a folder with Client32 4.91SP2 and
Patch "C" so that when one runs setupnw.exe with unattend.txt, it will
install ALL of the files properly?

Jeremy Mlazovsky
Senior System Engineer - Enterprise Desktop
UDit-Central Hardware Systems & Network Storage
University of Dayton