Hi, scenario is as follows : 1. Mixed Netware 6 & 6.5 servers. Both are up
to service pack level 5. Edir Mixed novell clients 4.9sp2 upto
4.91sp2 patch C with post patch C patches.

The problem is using the 4.9sp2 client (latest) if I right click on a
folder on a traditional volume of a netware 6.5 server --> properties -->
Netware Rights --> and attempt to give rights or remove rights it says that
"failed to add trustee xxxx you might not have sufficient rights continue

Of the surface may seem like a rights issue but go to a dos prompt and use
the rights command and you have the ability to add rights. This problem is
not experienced on our Netware 6 sp5 servers with traditional volumes you
can add/remove trustees & rights without any problems with the new client

With the 4.90 client I have no problem adding/removing trustees & rights to
any of our Netware 6/6.5 servers with traditional volumes. Hence my
deduction that it has something to do with the client.

Any Suggestions ?

Thank you