First off please forgive me if I have posted this in the incorrect place. I
am seeking help, either with the problem itself or the name of a Novell
whiz in Colorado please.

We recently switched all our Windows 98 machines (35 of them) that were
running Client for Windows 3.10 for Windows XP machines that are running
Client for Windows 4.83 SP2. Our server is running Netware 5.22

It seems at least once every day the server will suddenly block any
machines trying to log on to the server and the only way I can overcome the
problem is to shut down and restart the server. Those XP machines already
logged into our company's operating software are not affected but if they
get logged out then they become unable to log back in.

There appears to be no pattern to this, at least none that I can see,
because it will happen at the peak of business when all the new XP machines
are logged in or it'll happen after hours when none of them are logged in
or any variations between those two.

In my 5 years here this particular problem has never happened, in fact the
system has been really stable.

With thanks for any thoughts.