First, I apologize if this is not the right forum and, if not, please
direct me as to where I should post this problem.

I have with 33 computers in a student lab in which we used Symantec Ghost
to deploy the image. The computers are Dell OptiPlex 210L (P4-3.2, 1G
RAM) running WinXP SP2, Novell Client 4.91, Office 2003 SP2, McAfee
Enterprise 7.0 and Deep Freeze Enterprise ver.

The computers randomly get a blue screen (Stop Error 0x7E, C0000005) upon
restart (after POST but before Windows completely loads). The BSOD
indicates that is is the NWSAP.SYS. I've upgraded to Client 4.91 SP2 but
still have the problem. I have a Mini Dump file analysis if that would
help. Thanks in advance for your help.