NW4.2. Cli
XP pro SP2+
Celeron 1.8, 640M. HD (C:), DVD (D:), USB drive (E:)

Original First drive: G (Mapped)
additional drives mapped all over the upper alphabet :)

Add a Netgear SC101, Network Storage Device into the mix.
Netgear (Zetera) connects as a Local drive, assigning the next
available drive letter for the attached 'Partition' (on the SC101
The problem is it may use a Netware Map drive letter (upon reboot) if
not "Chang(ed) drive letter"( in disk management) to a known unused

Netgear claims this is a O/S fault.
I think it is their fault as I have to Disconnect my Netware Mapped
drive before I can Disconnect Netgear's drive.
In either case, the mapping/attaching processes *should* complain if a
drive letter is in use.

Does any one out there use the Both Netgear/Zetera and Netware and see
this problem?