Having spent years using Win98 clients and deliberately avoiding XP, the
inevitable has arrived, and I am starting to have to set up Win XP pro
clients with novell client 4.91SP1.

Of course, 99% of the problems come from the XP pro user profiles all
being different, and all sorts of unwanted things like different desktops,
and requiring install after install of software old enough NOT to
ask 'install for all users?'

Maybe I'm not doing things right on the XP user side, but quite frankly, I
would far rather have a single XP pro user with full local rights and no
alternatives, such that logging in to the server gives all the usual
server rights and permitted access, but the underlying XP user is always
the same one (say admin) so avoiding all this nonesense.

Just like Win98 if you like, although of course, even Win98 had different
users logged on, it's just that they were all acessing the same desktop,
start menu and so on. So much easier.