As user admin I cannot change the names of printers in Windows

nor can I chnage the printer drivers. I think this is likely due to the
client (4.91SP2).

XP seems to work perfectly normally, I have NDPS printers, manual install
by windows 'add printer', Search for the printer, select 'have driver
disc', point to various places like CD that came with the printer, or
network location where I have saved the most recent driver downloaded from
the m/f site.

Then XP moans about the drivers not being certified, asks if I want to go
on anyway. Yes, so copies the driver files, and then slams the door at the
last instant saying cannot install blah blah, with no reason given. No
error log messages recorded, no nothing.

I would love to set up the drivers so that they automatically install
along with the printer from NDPS, but I dont know how to. TID's suggest I
should run iManager, click on broker management. I dont find broker
management nor iManager, so???