I have a new T60 that is very cool. It has a nice (needed) feature to
detect and configure whether or not you want to disconnect from wireless
when copper is present.

Not sure if it's related or not, but I have a user (who it seems has
standard apps, except for one requiring Pervasive SQL) that gets bogged down
when on anything but the wired network. This includes dial-up and wireless.
It does not happen when disconnected from all networks.

I did a TCPView and noticed the machine trying to reach our private IPs on
the LAN while off the LAN. It doesn't seem to follow a logic though, as I
saw one IP that would clearly be in my DHCP block for workstations. Another
was a server used for Marketing that he does not use (although it has some
NDPS printers on it, which he also does not use).

Could this be a client issue? What service is trying to get to my private

Thanks in advance.