Im getting pretty tired og "Cannot find tree og server" and 886F-errors.

Now i demand someone at Novell to take this serious and start to fix this
It seems that after a sertain WinUpd the SLP Port is somehow

I eigther get "Tree or server bla bla bla" or it authenticate but then get
886f-error in login-script. Solution is to reinstall Novell Client.
Server is NW6.5 SP5 w/Post-SP5-Upd1 pluss wsock6j
Client is 4.91 SP2C

Micrsoft is almost everyday releasing WinUpd and after some Upd-install
the Novell Client stop working again and need to reinstall.

How do we solve this?

If i search Knowledgebase for 886f, i only get one hit about SLP-Port, but
i suspect something more, because on my own laptop i dont have SLP-Port
specified in my register. My laptop can login quick and easy eithout any

On all worstation i activate Tree and server trough DHCP. I also have
Contextless login and this is working. When i get "Cannot find tree or
server" the LDAP-search for context is still working. I can not login with

This problem happens almost after the monthly WinUpd, but not on all PC.
Some few get this problem and its random who get this problem.

Novell have to make this Novell Client to work rock-stable in one or
another way, or everybody will trow out Novell and migrate to Windows

Yes we can blame Microsoft, but it want help us! Microsoft will not do any
change in their code for Novell, so Novell have to do the job theirself.

And belive me! There is many of us that had enough about this Novell
Client problems!
Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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