Hello All,

I hope someone can help - I had assumed this would probably be a
commercial product or freeware/shareware but can't find anything that
fits the bill so far...

All users of my client's system must sign an AUP before being let loose
on the system (mostly so that they have acknowledged that their usage
will be monitored). but collecting and collating all these paper copies
is a pain, it delays these people when they just want to get started
and it destroys the rain forest (ok, they aren't that big, but it may
severely trim the odd conifer).

I assuemd that there must be an application which could:
Run in the stratup script
Lookup the user details in NDS - looking for a particular attribute
If the attribute isn't set then display a txt file (the AUP) and
require them to press "OK"
If they press "OK" then they can proceed - the attribute is set in NDS
If they don't press "OK" then they cannot proceed.

Then, maybe we can reset the attribute after n months and they have to
refresh their agreement.

But I can't find anything that will do this (I see mention of similar
requests in Windows forums ... but, again, no application/prg is being
suggested just roll-yer-own suggestions (in VB).

I'm happy to go with a commercial product if there is one - can anyone
suggest where to go (keep it clean ;-)