NetWare 4.11SP9
Windows XPPSP2
Client 4.91SP2

I use the Dynamic Local User option to log users in to Windows once
authenticated by NetWare, and use an existing user (Viking) on the local
system. For all users except admin (me), this bypasses the Windows login
screen and works exceptionally well. However, on one notebook machine (which
I did separately from the rest), the Windows login screen comes up and has
the NetWare user's login name in the field. I have tried numerous approaches
to avoid this, including in the client login properties defining the Windows
username to use (Viking). It keeps taking the NetWare username. No other
machines do this, so something is either stuck in the registry or I am
missing something. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the client a few
times, tried cleaning the registry, all to no avail. Suggestions please.

Thank you!