Having installed several printers on an XP pro workstation (from Novell
NDPS printers), I find the printer names cannot be changed. This was not
the case under Win98 or Win2K clients, where in control panel/printers I
could right-click and find 'rename' as an option. In XP this option
simply does not appear.

It's a nuisance because the printer names seen in applications have names
like \\DM-TREE\despatch_invoice.printer_port1.main which is offputting to
people normally used to seeing far more user-friendly names.

I dont know if this is common to all XP pro - that you cannot rename
printers, or if it is the Novell client getting it's fingers jammed in the

A poke around the registry reveals lots and lots of places where these
names (as above) appear, and so I could probably change them if I knew
which keys would not break the connection to the drivers, etc....

anyone ever done this?