We use AutoAdminlogon (TID 10052847) in many of our labs.

Recently in two of our labs I noticed that later in the day, when
logging into the workstations, the users are sometimes prompted to log
into windows after logging into Netware. The default account in the
window is correct ("LocalUser"), and since there is no password on this
account, simply pressing [Enter] get's the users to the desktop, and
thus we have recieved no complaints (and were actually unaware of the

The changes to these Windows XP systems are that we went to SP2 + post
SP2 patches (firewall OFF), and updated to Client 4.91sp2 + post Sp2

We DO have the registry key:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\W inlogon\ForceAutoLogon=1
in place.

Perhaps the strangest issue is that the problem is very intermittent.
We can cold boot, log in, log out, log in, log out, log in, etc.... and
not have the issue occur. However, if we wanter into the lab at a
random time during the day, after it has been used for a couple of
hours, the Windows login prompt will occur on a random number of computers.

The configuraton of these computers is static (i.e. reboot sets them
back to "normal"), but what I can't figure out is what we have
misconfigured and/or what are users may be doing that might cause this

Any ideas?