Hi all,

I just wanted to gather some opinions on the best method to update hundreds
of PC's, each currently with the 4.91 SP2 client? It is not just updating
the actual client though, we need to place new location profiles on each
one too.

We are installing a new server and want to migrate everyone over to use it,
but we have noticed that since we use static location profiles on the
stations (one for staff, one for students), that when a new server is
installed (and the old server removed), that no one can log on to the
network anymore until the profile is manually updated with the new server

So, what I want to do is "roll out" a new client installation beforehand,
that has the login profiles pre-created that point at the new server, so
when we migrate all the data over, the client will be able to forget about
the old one. Is this possible to do?