Hi All,

I have been having an issue with errors on an XP client. They showed up
after applying XP sp2 which adds a couple of new security policy settings.

The symptoms of the problem :
- in Windows Computer Management I would get an error when trying to
access the Disk Management component
- Symanec AV System Security Center would fail to open
- Add/Remove programs would not permit removal of apps installed using MSI

The reason for these errors occuring was that the default settings of the
two new security policies would be wiped out every time I logged in
eDirectory using the Novell Client. At first I thought it was a User
Policy Package with Group Policies enabled. I especially thought this
after reading http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/trench/3611.html.

However there were no Group Policies enabled for any Policy Package that
was associatied with my account or parent containers. Just to be sure
though I removed the ZFDAgent. This did not correct the problem. Since I
could login without errors using the 'Workstation Only' option it was
clear that the Novell Client was at "fault".

Since this was a policy problem I looked in the Client for settings
relating to policies and found two:

1. "Default Policy Support"
- This, when enabled, is supposed to copy a policy file from the server.
AHA! I thought. But I was wrong because the option was set to OFF...so no
policy was being copied from the server.

2. "Policy Path and Filename"
- This was the source of the problem; it had a value of 'WS\System32'.
This is the default value from Novell. THIS IS A BUG! It is a bug because
it causes the above described errors. It is also a bug because it should
be blank, empty - the documentation says that it should be in UNC format
and the default value clearly is NOT in UNC format.

So again the fix is to set the "Policy Path and Filename" to a null value.

Hope that this helps someone and that Novell fixes this in the next SP for
the client.


Ron Neilly
Okanagan College

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