XP_Sp2 with 4.91sp2 +
25 Sep 2006 491psp2_login_4.exe 392K Novell Client post-4.91 SP2 LOGINW32.DLL
25 Sep 2006 491psp2_nwfs_4.exe 340K Novell Client post-4.91 SP2 NWFS.SYS
21 Aug 2006 491psp2_pkc.exe 1520K Novell Client Post-4.91 SP2 Patch Kit

NW6.5SP5 + edir8.7.3.8

Server1 with Master , Server2 with R/W repli.

This problem when user logged in to the Server2.
(if logged in the Server1 - all Ok)

Time to change password (user see this Attantion when log in the tree).
user change passsword.. and have this error:
LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-710: The password could not be changed. Error ffffa4c.

If in the Nw client properties
Disable "NMAS Authentication" in the "Advanced login" - USER CAN CAHNGE

How i can resolver this problem ?