Hi All

Ok, we had just bought the Meeting House Aegis Client, now rebranded to
the Cisco Secure Services Client, yes Cisco bought them. We are using it
to do Single sign on into our network via the Novell client.

It seems to work and with some clients it work very well well and logs
in fairly quickly. Most client however it take over a minute to get back
the login screen, like 90 seconds. Before CSSC it would login in like 15
seconds, even faster if the machine was allowed to settle before logging
in. I am guessing it has something to do with the client timing out and
resending requests to connect to the tree, like right before I login in the
timeout might expire and when I login it resends a connect request after
the 802.1x port in opened, thus causing a fast login, where are other times
I retry counter starts right before I login causing me to wait for the next

I have not seen anything in the client config that seems obvious to
change, does anyone know of anything?