Hello everyone,

I am trialing a WYSE thin client running Windows XP Embedded. I have
successfully installed the Novell Client, and when I turn the device on
I am greeted with the Novell login screen. I want our users to be able
to type in their NDS credentials, and want Windows to login under a
"standard" windows user account (with no password, locked down with
local GP's etc).

We use ZENworks for our desktop PC's, but I am trying to get away
without having to use it on the thin clients, as I dont want DLU
creating separate profiles for different users as it isn't really
suited to this environment.

I have tried setting up the Default Location Profile settings on the
client so that when any edirectory users logs in, the Windows username
"StandardUser" will be used to authenticate to the local system,
although it still brings up the secondary "Windows Login Information"

Any other ideas about how I can go about this?