We have a form of about 30 computers. Last night we did pc updates, all
pc's are Win XP. We updated windows sp2, the novell client to 491sp2 and
trend micro.

Now, all things being equal, some of the client pc's, when they use file
open, my network places or windows explorer (or word or word perfect file
open) to negotiate through a network mapped drive (to a novell or a
microsoft server) and highlight a file, only see type and size information
in the pop up window.

If they do the same thing on a local file on their pc, the pop up window
shows all of the information.

Prior to the client and widows update, they got all of the information in
the pop up window when they highlighted the file name (file name,
date/time modified, size).

This is only happening on about 50% of the clients, and I cannot find any

Any ideas?