NetWare 4.11SP9
Windows 2000SP4
Client 4.91SP2

Hi. This inquiry is not really a client issue, I think, but someone in here
likely has a quick answer to direct me.

Normally printing is directed through network queues to networked printers,
but I have a local office setup with a little HP LaserJet 1200 connected to
a parallel port. I wish to share it with two other machines in the same
office, so I have shared it in Windows. When I log in as admin to the other
workstations, I can print to it no problem. However, other users (which get
a DLU profile with Power User credentials) are denied access. So it's a
permission issue. How do I set Windows to allow a remote user to print, and
is it possible to password protect that printer, if deemed necessary (I
don't think it is, but just in case). This is in a secondary school setting,
and the computers in question are in a teacher office. All machines are
Windows 2000 Pro.

Thanks so much.