On machines that already have 4.91SP2 on them, I installed the latest
patches by updating the install and doing a setupnw /acu /u:unattend.txt

The patches I added are:


I get the same problem where I get the Installing Protocols and it never
goes away.

Tested on (2) XP machines (with all the latest SPs) and on (1) 2000
machines and get the same results..

All of the machines don't have IPX just IP on them..

In order to fix, I had to go in and delete nwgina.dll and copy over
msgina.dll to nwgina.dll.. Once I log in, remove the client and
reinstall with the exact same steps as I noted above it works fine.

Any suggestions? Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?

It never gets by that point..
Hamish wrote:
> Garry,
> Which protocols are you installing the Client with? IP, IPX or Both ?
> Have you tried removing the existing protocols and seeing if the client
> can re-install them ?