We've had about 20 users call in today with that message. Our helpdesk
had the users login with workstation only, then they were able to login
to Netware with no problem. I checked our SLP DA and it's healthy, as
was both of our primary NDS authentication IPs. The only common change
in the client configuration are the patches from patch tuesday.

I've not been to the users' boxes to check them out for speed and what
not, but cannot replicate this here. My workstation is beefed up with
2GB of RAM and a 3.4Ghz proc....by the time I can type, I have no
problems getting in and none of the other admins are having problems
either. The issues seem to be isolated to older boxes running XP and
Novell Client version 4.91.

Has anyone else seen a slowdown in the speed of workstation
initialization? I know this last set of Windows patches were supposed
to add new security measures to the workstation...I'm just wondering if
they are causing the networking side of the workstation to startup
slower, thus not allowing Netware to login by the time the user is
ready. I saw some of these kinds of issues back in the NT4 days with
some databases. Just wanting feedback if anyone has any ideas... Thanks,