Morning all,

I've got Client 4.91 SP3 (just installed this morning) on my Windows
Server 2003 r2 Terminal Server box. It's cured one problem of
proliferating profile folders (<username>.<machinename>.001 etc) but I
still have trouble unlocking an active TS session if it is inactive for
a while.

Essentially, it's the situation you get if you do ctrl-alt-del and
choose 'Lock Workstation'.

If I enter my password with From: eDirectory selected, I get an error
message that an 'Unexpected error occurred while trying to unlock the
workstation' with error code 0xFFFFFA27. If I select From: Windows, all
is fine.

This does not affect initlal login - from the Client32 welcome screen,
all is well, even if I'm reconnecting to an already-running but
previously disconnected session.

It's more an annoyance than a showstopper at the moment, but it will be
a big hinderance once I release the server to userland. Asking them to
change the authentication location each time their session is locked
will be a big ask....

James Dore,
New College IT Officer