Downloaded the full client install of 4.91SP3.. Copied it to my local
hard drive and ran setupnw, configured and it works great..

Now I need to install it on a bunch of PCs so I started to configure
with nciman.exe, I choose the following options:

NW_NWFS=NovellNetwareClientParameters, \$OEM$\NET\NTCLIENT\I386

I reboot once I have installed the client, and it takes forever to "try"
and login and that pops up with an error that says:

Novell Security Message:
A network service failed to start please check your event log for details.
Would you still like to try and login to Windows?

If I hit Yes, it will show me the Windows Login and I am able to login
through Windows..

Interestingly enough, If I right-click on Network Neighborhood and chose
Novel Login, I get the usual Client Login screen except it doesn't show
me the user name password dialog box, just a box with a dropdown and

So I take a look at the event log, and there is nothing noted..

The command line I used to install: setupnw /acu /u:unattend.txt

If I remove the existing client (4.90 and 4.91SP2) REBOOT and try the
above it works fine..

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?