I have a group of 30 users who used to be on a Windows 2000 domain. A few
months back, we killed off the domain, and moved them onto our Netware 6.5

Normally, we have all users setup purely as Dynamic Local Users, so that no
profile information is saved, but these 30 users were used to having
Roaming profiles, and as one of them is my boss, there was not much I could
do about it.

When I originally setup the User Policy for these users, I setup a test
account - I enabled Roaming Profiles under the Desktop Preferences, pointed
the profile path at a unc and was fairly happy with the result. Everything
worked as expected.

However, when I setup the 30 users, I noticed that login times were pretty
slow. I initially assumed this was due to high traffic on the file server
and so moved the profiles to a seperate server. This did not improve the
load times, which seem to be getting longer each day. Some users are
waiting 15-20 minutes for their profile to load, even though their profile
is less than 8MB. A user without a Roaming profile can log into the same
PC in well under 15 seconds.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?