Hello All !

There has always been a mystery about Netware 5.1 under all service
packs: 1 users connection results in two listings on the Connection list
on Monitor and the web portal ? What gives ? Why ?

This has never been a problem before, but lately we have been
experiencing growth.

Now the last people to show up are able to successfully log in, but they
can't map any drive resources. I have to either kick someone off, or
wait 15-20 minute for some sort of "resource cleanup" to occur. What
gives ?

btw, Novell no longer sells additonal 5.1 server licenses, but does
sell single 5.1 connection licenses. This is a big change, as privously
Novell would only sell connection licenses in groups of 25-100.

I spoke with Novell about this 3 years ago; they told me not to worry
about it, and that also the entire licensing process changed in 6.x

-=Dick Simmons, CNE
Austin, Texas