Well, here we are a year and a half later.

The solution is: convert to NSS from NWFS

NSS is far more MS-API compatible. Also have your CAD Manager make sure
he has the right paths in ABS/ADT Project Navigator .APJ.

Under NWFS it gives a "zero file lenth error" but under NSS it gives an
intelligle error message, which leads you to correct your simple path
error in the APJ application.

We are running ABS/ADT 2007, which is now officially compatible with
Netware 5.1 Client 4.91 SP3 seems hapy. NW 5.1 Sp8. 100 mbs Fast

For this I get paid money ?

-=Dick Simmons, CNE

> This won't help you much but it will give you our experience. We have
> experienced the same problems with project navigator. One thread of
> investigation turned up that Autodesk does not support any NOS other
> than Micro$oft's. Another thread that went through our former CAD
> Manager (that Autodesk hired away) told us that project navigator had
> problems on all network drives. Somewhere in there is the reality.
> Dan Wells AIA
> Dir. of I. T.
> MHTN Architects, Inc.