I am using Novell NetDrive 4.1 (OS: Windows XP SP2) in order to access
WebDAV servers from directly within Windows Explorer. This works OK
except for one thing: Anytime I click a folder in order to *only view*
(not open) its contens, NetDrive starts automatically downloading the
files within the folders. I have not clicked the files themselves, just

opening a folder is enough to start this annoying auto-download. If I
do not cancel this process, the files are downloaded to NetDrive's
cache directory.

Assuming that this might be due to certain cache settings, I disabled
all cache functions, therefore NetDrive should not download anything to

its cache. But it still does it again and again. I always have to
cancel the file downloads whenever I switch from one folder to another.

Does anyone know what this could be due to and how I can fix this?