Hello all,

We'll it seems that Microsoft did something again to create issues.

All of our machines had their Microsoft RDP client updated to version 6.0 and it broke our Terminal Services server with the Novell Client on it. Nobody can login without going through a bunch of steps. Microsoft's official response to me was "remove the Novell client, this is how the new RDP was designed to work."

Since that is not an option, does anyone know how to fix it.

1. When starting an RDP session, users are now prompted for a username and password BEFORE a session is even initiated. This information seems to be passed to the remote system

2. When users put in their Novell/windows username and password, authentication fails. They press "OK" and are taken back to the Novell login screen.

a. They have to manually select the domain they wish to authenticate to in the advanced tab.
b. They have to retype their username to get ldap to work.

Is there some way, other than removing this crappy rdp client, to bypass the initial login that is taking place?