Our parent company is requiring us to authenticate to their Windows domain
now and we are having an issue at one of our locations doing this.

At on particular location if the users Novell and Domain password do not
match, they will login through the Novell client then another window pops
up asking them for their Windows password. At this point the machine will
just hang trying to authenticate. It never times out nor logs them in. The
machine has to be powered down and restarted. If we set the passwords the
same everything is fine. If they login workstation only then login to
Novell everything is fine.

I have been testing CIFS and think this may have something to do with it but
cant seem to put my finger on what aspect of it may be causing the issue. I
have not tried unloading CIFS to see if this eliminates the issue yet. Our
location is the only one with CIFS configured.

Any ideas on what I should look for or ways to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.