On our administrative PCs we use roaming profiles on Windows XP SP2, Client
4.91 SP3, and ZenWorks agent. The server is NetWare 5.70.05

On occasion, incredibly long files created on the local PC (mostly Flash
objects) in the profile. The files are copied up the the server but cannot
be copied back to the workstation because with the addition of the server
path the file now violates the 256 character limit. In the event viewer,
Userenv displays an error (Event ID 1509) that it cannot copy from the
server to the workstation. Detail: The filname or extension is too long.
This error causes the profile to corrupt and the user cannot login. Our only
fix has been to delete the user local profile.

On the workstation: C:\Documents and Settings\USER\ which is 31 characters.

The server path: 18CHARSERVERNAME\VOLX\Data\Person\Admin\IS\USER\Wi ndows NT
5.1 Workstation Profile\ is 86 characters.

I am working with our network staff about decreasing the length of the
server names and path to the profile but I believe it still will be longer
than the 31 characters of the workstation. My question is, is there any way
to truncate "\Windows NT 5.1 Workstation Profile\" to something like

Thanks in advance.

Peter Asp
Westchester Community College