We are running novell client 4.91SP3 with Zenworks 7.0SP1 clients on all
of our machines. This past Monday, some of our users began getting an
error saying that "The local policy of this system does not permit you to
logon interactively." This seems to only happen to users randomy. Today
two new people got the error but people who yesterday got it did not
repeat today. It also started after I changed nothing.
To be able to fix the problem, you have to log on as another account and
edit the group policy to remove the user from the "Deny logon locally"
option under security settings.
I have attempted to recreate our group policy. The users are not listed
under the deny logon locally option under our user package and they are
all administrators of the local workstations. We use dynamic users and I
have attempted to enable to keep the policies on logoff as well as cache
user policies. Furthermore, I have told it not to apply any security
settings. It still appears to happen and the problem has been getting
worse over the days.

Any ideas from anyone are very welcome.
Thank you,
Scott Forbus
Network Administrator
Greenfield Hebrew Academy
Atlanta, GA