A couple of my users have lost the ability to see all of the files in one
particular directory on my NetWare 6.5sp5 NSS volumed File Server.

The directory in question has 44 files in it, and sitting at their desks,
an W2K system with SP3 and client 4.91sp2, they can see all of the files.
But while attaching through a Citrix TS connection on a W3K Server, with
NetWare client 4.90sp2 they can only see 8 of the files. A DOS prompt on
the Citrix session only sees 8 of the files, while an NDIR in that same
command prompt window sees all 44 of the files.

I've looked and it's not a rights issue. Since they can see the files from
their desktop AND a Citrix TS command prompt NDIR command.

The only difference I can see is that the Citrix TS connection is using a
NetWare client of version 4.90sp2, while the desktop is v4.91sp2. We have
another Citrix TS that is mainly used for external connections, and when
connecting to it, all of the files are visible, and it's at client version
4.91sp2. Now, my Citrix folks report that a whole fistful of Windows
security updates were applied recently, and the two Citrix systems are no
longer patched to the same levels. Rather than go on a tedious and tiring
snipe hunt looking for a crappily written MS update, I asked them to simply
update the NW client on the one system.

OK, here's the payoff . . .has anyone heard tell of a recent M$ security
update that adversely affects the display of files in M$ Explorer on a
traditional NW File Server? Or of this behavior in their collective memory?