Installed Novell Client 4.91 SP3 on Citrix Metaframe Presentation Manager
4/Windows 2000 SP4 server. We don't want the NWGINA to be primary login
(because most users won't need access to novell resources). So, in Novell
Client Properties / Advanced login, I set Initial Novell Login to OFF and
this does indeed make the msgina/ctxgina take control rather than nwgina.
However, remote connections via RDP or Citrx result in Winlogon.exe Error:
Application popup: SAS window: winlogon.exe - Application Error : The
instruction at "0x77fcc00a" referenced memory at "0x0049004f". The memory
could not be read" This does not happen if I login at the server console.

This error is repeatable. If I go back in and set Inital Novell login to
On, remote logins are fine. If I set it back to Off, I get the winlogon

Any ideas? We have many other servers with older versions of citrix and
novell clients where we made changes in the registry to make msgina the
primary login and never had any issues. I was happy to find a setting
offered in this latest novell client to accomplish the same thing but not
when it means I can't login remotely to the server!