Hi all,

I'm having an issue involving auto-reconnect that I hope you can assist

We have two divisions and one runs Groupwise and the other Exchange (the
Exchange division was a recent acquisition that hasn't been converted yet).
We connect the two systems via a Microsoft product called Groupwise
Connector that runs on a WinXP box. This WinXP box is running the 4.90
Netware client and maps a drive to our Netware Server housing the Groupwise

Whenever our Netware server goes down for any reason, once it comes back up,
the WinXP box must be logged out and back in to reconnect. However, the
Auto-Reconnect flag in the client's advanced property settings is set to
ON. So should it not automatically reconnect when the server comes back

I know that when I'm running WinXP on my desktop (I have dual-boot XP/SLED),
if I have a server go down and, during that time, I don't try to access any
of the mapped drives, then I don't have any issues when the server comes
back up. If I try to access a mapped drive during the down time, it goes
into a disconnected mode with the little red X but when the server comes
back up, I can simply double click on the drive letter and it comes back
online. Could it be the fact that the WinXP GW Connector box is trying to
access the server's mapped drive every 60 seconds and there isn't a human
intervention to double-click the drive letter icon?

Or am I simply misunderstanding the entire auto-reconnect feature?

Jim Gosney
Netware/Groupwise Admin./Eng.
Genesco, Inc.
Nashville, TN