We're experiencing an issue at our company with Novell Client v4.91SP2
where the PATH is truncated at about 1K. This is a big problem for us
here because of the various ancient applications we're running have put
a bunch of entries in the path, and now some of our newer ones won't
function, specifically Utimaco SafeGuard Easy full disk encryption.

My undersanding is that when Windows XP SP2 came out several years ago,
Microsoft increased the limit of the PATH environment variable to 2K,
but we're not seeing the same limit increase with the Novell client
installed. If we remove the Novell client from our test machines, the
problem goes away. We also tried upgrading to the latest version of
the Novell client (SP3?) but that also did not fix the problem.

Will this be addressed in the next release of the Novell client? Is
there possibly a hot-fix for this for now?

Thanks in advance,