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Thread: The secret login script command

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    Graham Marsh NNTP User

    The secret login script command

    Over in the ZPM group I noticed someone posting using the REGREAD
    command and thought it had to be external and wouldn't it be nice if it
    was built-in. Looking further, seems this has been built into the login
    script for many YEARS now!!

    Can I suggest here that it should be added to the docs? Or would the
    enhancement request be the way to go?

    It has been suggested in these forums in the past that regread be added
    to the doc, but it obviously remained a secret (not the closely guarded
    type, more like the secure-through-obscurity or undocumented feature type).


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    Marcel Cox NNTP User

    Re: The secret login script command


    Note that there are at least 2 TIDs documentating the command:


    I will however ask Novell to update the documentation as well.

    Marcel Cox
    No email replies please !

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    Rolf Lidvall NNTP User

    Re: The secret login script command

    Regarding REGREAD and documentation, this is important info:
    "Regread cannot process binary or dword values"

    Rolf Lidvall
    Swedish Radio (Ltd)

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    Graham Marsh NNTP User

    Re: The secret login script command

    Thanks all.

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    Tony Pedretti NNTP User

    Re: The secret login script command


    For more complex string handling client 4.91 SP1 and above should be
    able to handle it...

    REGREAD command in login script does not handle double quotes " "

    Tony Pedretti

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