I work for a large organisation 5000 + users and am have trouble with
NMAS and universal password. We are running the following
configuration. eDir, NMAS 2.4,

clients : NWClient (4.90 SP0 SP1) (4.91 SP0, SP1, SP2) on windows xp

We have installed an IDM solution to link to AD, which requires
universal password to be used.

The problem we are getting is that on around 10% of machines that when
we enable NMAS on the client and associate the universal password
policy with the partition that the next time the client logs in (this
time using the NMAS method as it is enabled), the user gets the
incorrect password error.

Even after changing the password in console 1 and after an admin user
trying to login, still the same password.

IF you then login workstation only and turn off NMAS (Novell client
properties > Advanced Login > NMAS Authentication), the user is allowed
to login again.

This happens on what is seemingly a random set of machines all with
different versions of the client and service pack levels.

We have set the Default login method to NDS.

As i say this works on most machines but not on a small amount of
random others. We have tried 'upgrading' these machines to NW client
4.91 SP3, but still same problem.

I've tried to supply as much info as i can but let me know if you need
any more.

Thanks in advance