I found that the user who wes attempting to use CIFS wes in an OU not
listed in CTXS.cfg and CIFSCTXS.cfg. I added that OU and set up simple
passwords for serveral people in the same OU who will also be testing. All
of the other people who I set up can access the network through the
origional person's machine. Weird part is that he can't. I redid the
password just in case it was one of my famous "fat fingered moments" but
it still doesn't work. The only thing I can see is that when the person
clicks on the Netware server and attempts to log in with his name and
password and gets rejected, the login screen now has the name of his
machine, a "\" and his name. Is it possible that the machine is actually
sending this entire string rather than the username? If so, any idea how
to get rid of it?

The other thing I wanted to check about is if CIFS is case sensitive.When
changing his password I did notice that his username was lower case where
the others is upper.