WinXPprosp2 NWC4.92 sp2 and sp3 NW6.5 sp5 Zenworks 7.01. We are very
sporadically recieveing the following, internal error 0x00008993 occured
please reboot try again, or contact your network admin, blah blah blah
when users try to log in. SO far I've found rebooting sometimes fixes it
and sometimes when we get the error we can wait about 30 seconds or so
and then login. I've done a good amount of googling and have only been
able to find some older documents on the error, all them have had some
sort of major server change in their network right before they started
recieving the error. The only change we have made recently was to upgrade
our Zenworks Desktop Managment to Zdm7 sp2 hotpatch2 which seems to have
fixed a few things and broke some others but so far seems to be only in
regards to imaging.

Any tips greatly appreciated!