We have been having issues with client logins. We are running Netware
6.5 sp 4 and have 7 Netware boxes spread across our wan. Each wan site
has its own Netware box and container (context). Running display slpinfo
on each server shows the same services (50 total and each server is
listed .bindery.novell etc.). Running slpinfo /a on the workstation
after login (or failure) shows the scope as active. Scope is pushed out
via dhcp and configured on workstation. I am running a static scope.
Error messages vary. But the main issue is drive mappings arent working
and clients are unable to access home folders. We are running the latest
version of zenworks (7 I think) but are using an older application
launcher (3.2.x). Novell client versions vary, but most are 4.91 sp2.
Uninstalling the client, deleting the nalcache folder, reinstalling the
client seems to help for a while, but sooner or later the logins start
erroring out again. Error messages vary from an 8804 to an 886f. This
is really troublesome in our high school labs where each kid has his own
login, so computers are restarted and relogged in at the end of each
class. This has been going on for quite some time, but seems to be
getting worse. I spent quite a bit of time getting slp working which
seems to have helped. I suspect some of the issue is hte application
launcher. Is anyone else having this issue and if so, what was done to
fix it. Im getting tired of uninstalling Novell clients.