We have been having this problem for quite some time with our Windows
workstations (2000 and XP).

When logging in, we get the 886f errors for drive mappings... often after
a reboot of the workstation occurs.

The following symptoms from TID 10064672 are exactly what we experience,
but we have this with Novell Client 4.9, 4.9 SP1a, 4.91, 4.91 SP2, 4.91

"get error " Network path could not be found " when doing a Start\Run and
then entering the \\servername\volumename

get error "Network path could not be found " when browsing to volume via
network neighborhood and going into NetWare servers.

get a different error when going into network neighborhood and browsing
through tree and context to volume object

Problem is not completely reproducible, some machine will have the
problem after applying SP3 patch on client but then they may work some
days and then fail some days, after rebooting machine. Not all win2000
machine have the problem with SP3 but the problem is NEVER seen with 4.8
shipping client. "

We have NetWare 6 and 6.5 OES in our environment (slowly migrating to
OES). This problem seems to have started as early as our original
migration 2-3 years ago from NeWare 5.1 to 6.0.

Also, if you release and renew the IP address, whatever might get cleared
solves problem above.