Server NW6 SP 5
Client: Windows XP SP2
Client 32:

I purchased a new Dell Laptop that I carry to client sites. When connecting
to a Novell network, I enter the username and password. It appears to
connect, takes me to the "Results" screen showing that I am connected to the
server, and then it hangs. Every once in a while, I will see the drive
mappings appear in 2 to 3 minutes and everything is back to normal.
Normally, however, I can wait 5 to 10 minutes and finally hit the power
switch (Task manager...shutdown does not shut it down). My work around has
been to boot to the local machine (Windows Login), then click on the little
red "N" and "Login to Server". Taking this route works every time with no

What can I do to correct this problem. Luckily I have not run into this
issue with any client computers, but it ia only a matter of time.


Anthony Campbell