Hello all...

I know the SP4 client is a recent appearance,
but just interested in anyone else is testing it.

We have the following:

- laptop with 4.91 SP4 installed
- one wireless network defined that is set
to use 802.1x (WPA/TKIP, PEAP and Novell EAP chosen)

The user we are testing has no local account,
but we assumed this process would create one following authentication.

Trying this, we fail to login at the GINA, but then after
getting to the desktop, the EAP plugin tries to authenticate
the user we have logged in with locally.

Additionally we also see authentication requests for
'yadayadauser' which we guess is probably a debug feature?

I'd be grateful to hear from anyone else
that has been testing this.

Peter Bates,
Systems Support Officer,
IT Services,
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, UK.