Thanks for considering this problem and if this is not the right forum
please redirect me.

I administer an NW 6.0SP5 server, 2-node cluster, pure IP, plus a local
replica server. The cluster on a large university Ethernet LAN two hops
away from our office. The NW clients are all 4.91 sp2.

One PC only looses its connection to the NW server when its password
protected Windows screen saver (ie. not a 3rd party screen saver) activates.
When the user presses a key there is a NW error message saying the
connection has been lost and telling the user to select the unlock from
Windows option rather than unlock from NDS.

When he clicks the OK button, he then can then unlock the PC either from
Windows or NDS. So, obviously the client has managed reconnection to the
server, just not soon enough to prevent the error message. SLP is on and
the Directory agent list has the correct IP address, just like the other PCs
that don't have this problem.

I have had our LAN hardware people check the switch port his PC is connected
to and they claim it is functioning correctly, not slow, no intermittant
drop outs that they can detect.

Is there some setting change in the NW32 client that might prevent this?

Thanks again,

Mike K