This may be a bit off topic and a Microsoft issue. But the problem is
happening to Novell drives. Also, there many smart folks on this forum.

About 2 weeks ago this started, one or two users said they were getting
errors as they logged off. The error is "Errors occurred while Windows
was synchronizing your data". The body of the message also said "Offline
Files [\\tw-data on tw-data]: Unable to connect '\\TW-DATA\data' The
network path was not found. TW-DATA is my data volume.

Also the user's home directory has blue arrows in the icon. One of my co-
workers seemed to first get the error, but she did not say anything to me
until it started to spread. I think about 20-30 users are getting the
error now. To possibly stop the error from spreading, I changed the
windows local policy in ZEN to disable this "feature".

The issue is PC based because an affected user does NOT have the problem
if they login to a different PC. Also, if I log to a PC that has the
problem for a differnt user, the problem seems not to happen to me?

We went into tools,folders options, offline files and tried to turn off
the feature. But the changes never stuck.

The PCs are all WinXP sp2. The client is 49.1,sp2. Any ideas? The
servers are Netware 6.5 sp3.

We have Active Directory here, but none belong to the AD domain.

P Janusch