I recently got a new computer (Dell) Windows XP Pro SP2 was installed on
it as well as the Novell Client 4.91 SP3 (which i was able to access our
server with no problem).

I just purchased Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and installed it.
Once the installation was finished I installed Novell Client 4.91 SP3 on
the machine. The installation went fine with no errors. I tried signing
on using my login and password, but was unable to access the tree or
content structure in the e-directory tab. I tried typing the name of our
tree structure, context, as well as the ip address of the server but this
still is not working (I noticed that the tabs that are available are (e-
directory, Script, Dial-up, NMAS).

I just noticed on the other machines we have in-house the version we are
running is 4.91. When I go into the advanced section the tabs that are
available are (NDS, Script, Dial-up, NMAS)

I have checked the to make sure the ethernet cord was plugged in.