There are about 150 computers running XP at my site using Netware Client
4.91 SP3. We have 5 computers running Netware 6.5 SP3 in the NDS. And
this all worked pretty well until 2 and a half weeks ago.

Now, every morning we are having login issues. The client times out,
saying it cannot find the tree or server. After multiple logins, the
systems eventually come up, though sometimes it takes a couple more tries
to get all the drives mapped. The Tree, Context, and Server (using IP)
lines are all filled out in all of the clients.

Now the oddities
1. We have two sites separated by 15 miles, but connected via T1 on
the same VLAN
2. The servers are located at site one, but the folks at site two
are not having the login issue, nor are the systems that connect remotely
3. Several laptop users that go between sites, only have the issue
at site one
4. It is not always the same people at site one that have the
issue, though it tends to focus on certain areas of the building on
different days
5. It seems to be more pronounced in the morning (though this is
when most people login)
6. The infrastructure folks came out and tested our switches and
put a sniffer on the network, but found nothing unusual
7. The sstems use static IPs and can get to the internet and ping
the servers when logged in locally

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts anyone might have.